Owners Interested parties email their resume and bids  pick your coach and lets play ball
granada Stallions  sold- josh porter owner
Leon Lions                 open
Managua monkeys  open
Bluefield Blckbirds   open
DEl SUR surfers           open
nica east and west     open hot deal
team 8& 9 put where we agree
Matagalpa bigfoots    sold -doris cinco owner
10 Teams
Friday, October 27, 2017

Limon pirates
SanJose Marlins
owner max viales
David Banditos
Owners actions process.
1 secure a practice field. plan tryouts , notify the commission of plans
Cartagena  open
Bogota open
Medellin open
Owners will be held to the highest standards of honor, dignity and integrity and be responsible for their players actions.This league will be an example of character for the community. The commission can suspend an owner or player or team for such time they feel reasonable
The first 12 owners will be invited to have a seat on the commission..
games planned to start late spring 2018. our teams will go anywhere and play anyone..The league is planned to expand into all of latin America to include south America.help spread the word to get this going faster.
each team will have a cheerleader squad that travels with the team, these ladies will be treated with respect at ever turn.These are not party girlsThese are a draw for the team to increase interest thereby helping the team increase their income. Many items need to be addressed at the coming commission meetings. Each team will host the commission on a regular basis, giving the commission and players opportunity to communicate on a more personal setting. decision by the commission are final and can only be appealed to the commission. gjp3